About Jean-luc Mege Photography, New York, Paris, Lyon



With his intense human sensitivity and Philippe Soupault's philosophy: "The heart in your eyes," Jean-Luc Mege takes more than just photos. With a very eclectic range of experience from photo-journalism and grand reportage to humanitarian, fashion, and magazine covers, Jean-luc has traveled much of the world. He has shared the lives of the most humble and those in poverty, misery, luxury and even death. His imagery is often used to help the world, in countries in crisis or war. Jean-Luc uses his camera to offer more than just photographs; he wants you to share in the story.

"Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier..." Mother Teresa

Jean-Luc MEGE covers, illustrates and immortalizes around the world. He has an ability so rare to be able to tell a story through his photographs. The force of the narrative comes from a unique path. Jean-luc is imbued with great empathy, an unprecedented tenderness of his eyes and an innate sense of composition.

He captures your wedding with the same kindness and generosity that drives him when he does his reports through out the world. (His last "strong" experience? Working with the "poorest of the poor" in the slums of Calcutta). The human is at the heart of his career. Discreet, delicate and intense these adjectives apply to both Jean-luc the photographer and to his photographs. Photographs by Jean-Luc MEGE bear within them an intensity and a strong sense of relationship.

It is maybe not merit, but real talent, to know both photographing people in all their humanity...